Why You Should Visit Geelong?

If you love to visit a city by the bay with a range of delicious food, then Geelong is the ideal place to plan your next trip from Melbourne. It will just take an hour’s drive to get to the city which is located southwest of Melbourne. Many people pass Geelong on their way to Blue Ocean Road or the Bellarine Peninsula, so you can surely have a pit stop along the way or back.

It is a thriving little city which is a great attraction for foodies who can’t wait to get their hands on something delicious. Here are a few reasons as to why you should visit Geelong:

  • The breakfast

There are many types of cuisine and each type has its own top restaurant in Geelong. This extends to the breakfast menu as well. There are waffles with wonderful toppings that will make your mouth water. Let’s not forget the wonderful roasted brew and its aroma that reaches your nose right before you step into the venue. If you are a smoothie lover there are smoothie bars that even serve peanut butter jelly waffles as well. These simple dishes will keep you wanting more!

  • The drinks

The wonderful taste of beer will leave you breathless with a slice of pizza on the side and even some meat. You will see men with beards walking around with their white aprons tied around serving glasses of beer constantly with smile on their face. Along the streets you will come across street vendors selling corn-on-the-cob, jalapeno poppers and ribs.

  • The architecture

The city along the bay has an industrial history. The history has now been turned into galleries, hubs, and hangs out venues which are chic. You can even relax with your partner at the park with a picnic and enjoy the lush greenery.

  • The art

There are galleries filled with beautiful art and there is on gallery in particular that is housed inside an old windmill from the good old days which is still standing tall magnificently. If you are interested in art and want to buy a few pieces, you can get it at a valuable price. There are even valuable jewellery pieces that are available.

  • The furniture, the fashion and many more

There are sales with goods that range from furniture, fashion items, trinkets, even industrial lamps and other items.

  • The accommodation

There are many chic and cosy properties that compliment the modern and the old architecture which can be seen when you enter the room.

The next time you decide to go on a road trip, consider visiting the city by the bay, Geelong.

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